At its core, AcroYoga is a practice of trust and communication. Communication is arguably one of the most vital facets of our humanity. Our means of communication is unique to our species. It is via this capability that so many of our countless achievements have been unlocked, and continue to present themselves at unprecedented rates. Yet the paradox of our time is that as we advance our methods of communication (social media, technology) we seem to grow more distant from each other – more removed from our inherent methodologies of connection. The youth are being handed iPads at 4 years old, yet most 40-year-olds don’t feel comfortable speaking to a room of their peers. There is a stark disconnect between where we aimed our advances and where we find ourselves as a species. We find ourselves alive in fascinating times. As quickly and dramatically as our technology advances, do changes occur on a global scale at alarming rates. Many of these for the seeming “better”.

Many of these questionable in their eventual outcome. There is a growing sense of urgency around many of the issues we face as a species (climate change, over-population, economic imbalances, ecosystem collapse, etc.) When so many conversations are on the table that impact all of us, on both global and local scales, it is increasingly critical that we are capable of actually having these conversations. This can be an overwhelming perspective to hold, but we can boil it down to one that’s more manageable. We are communal creatures – yet many of us have never known a true “community”, based on the design of modern society. Many of us sense a deeper longing for something more – something meaningful, something that connects us to our shared humanity. We can identify that most, if not all, of our current challenges as a species stem from a disconnect – from our truest selves, from each other, and from the world at large. Cultivating communicative capacities is the foundational step for righting all of these relationships. For coming to a place where we can all sit at a table and have all of the necessary conversations – both the hard ones and the fun ones!

This is where we see AcroYoga come in. AcroYoga helps to develop open, direct, and compassionate communication between partners. This is not an option – it is necessitated by conditions. Literally – everything we know suddenly falls away when we are flipped upside down and on top of another person. As 1 of 2 pieces in this equation, we have only 1 of 2 options: work together or fall apart. You learn how to support another person in their process. As you learn this, you end up allowing yourself to be supported by default. You take control by letting go, something that doesn’t come easily to many of us, but which is a life skill that can’t be underestimated. We learn all of these universally-transferable communication skills in both a safe and playful container, which is crucial to our own openness to this process, as well as the integration of these insights.

This makes it that much easier to automate such SOPs (standard operating procedures) in the subconscious for times that feel tougher outside of the studio. Overall, the nature of AcroYoga is as an art form. We must masterfully craft the conditions for success, and we must work as a team to do this. These team-building skills are often forgotten after our developmental years on sports teams or things of these sorts. AcroYoga is unique in its role as an opportunity to both cultivate communicative capacities as well as serve as our “adult playtime”, another severe deficit of our society. We get to do the nitty-gritty work of personal development in a fun, light-hearted, and richly rewarding context? Sign us up!