The Pulse

Sometimes all it takes to achieve success is patience and persistence. Many times, in fact. Just keep practicing, don’t give up, and you are bound to get whatever you are working on. This is where most people fall short – they don’t take the time to cultivate the patience that will get them where they want to go. Many of the best things in life do not come easy. They are all the richer for all of the effort, though, and that is what we often forget. In a society of instant gratification, we have lost our connection to the effort-reward chain. It takes us applying ourselves as individuals in a way that reestablishes this in order to achieve things we can’t even imagine.


When we can find that sweet spot of cohesion in a collaboration, we tap into what is known as “flow” state. This state is highly-sought-after and harder to achieve. Once we find ourselves here, we access opportunities and insights that previously were invisible to us. We can move organically through ideas to find those most salient for that specific session. When you can tap into flow state, it is vital to stay there as long as you can, to ride the focus, momentum, and inspiration that it generates.The more often we can go there, the more we can discover ways to get there increasingly more often. And a life of cohesion, harmony, and flow is one of infinite opportunity.


Today we had fun playing at the Hive North Shore with just this. We took ourselves to new heights. We fused familiar shapes to reinvent moves. We re-patterned our brains & bodies to move beyond our box and into the territory of the new. This is innovation. It is said there is no “original” thought anymore as so much is being discovered, realized, explored in every minute of every day now. So the best we can do is keep pushing our edges and having loads of fun along the way.

The Acromill

How often do you play for its own sake? We often move through life or our physical practice with some sort of a goal in mind, a set structure – whether that’s in our personal training or any class that we go to.

But what is possible when we just jam out? We are still growing stronger and creating new neural connections by moving in improvised, unfamiliar patterns. Grab a friend and show us your version of this liquid jam.


Those rare sunny days in Vancouver must be soaked up for every last ray. We are lucky to be able to play in such a beautiful setting as the Hive, where we have a large play space and still get soaked in all of the sun rays. Here’s our inspiration from a sunny day.

Splits Squared

Subtle investigations of shapes and lines when two bodies merge. The slow synthesis of strength and skill makes for smooth transitions and clean creations. Devon and Slava making some moments for spaciousness, new shapes, and the classic splits with a new twist.


The beauty of Acro is that you can enter it from wherever you are. You can practice with different partners of varying sizes, experience and skill levels, and all other attributes. It’s great to practice with many different practitioners so that you become a well-rounded one yourself. This gives you the opportunity to see what attributes of your own arise when in each independent equation (just like human relationships in general.) The benefit of also have a stable, ongoing partner in the practice is calibration

The Merry-Go-Round

Slava and Sylvain take a trip on the merry-go-round in this short & sweet Hand-to-Hand sequence.


Like stalks of bamboo, we learn to bend, not break, so that we can shift shapes and stay adaptive creatures. This practice pushes us to our edges and asks that we become more flexible for it. As a result we can go to heights we would not otherwise access.

The Back Roll-Over

We often get enthralled by the fast, explosive, “impressive” and “sexy” motions. As a result, the slower motion movements tend to go underappreciated. Yet they demand a different level of skill and precision. A combination of controlled loading and focusing on pressure points will deliver the smooth slow motion transitions that can challenge us in new ways.

This shines a light on any weaknesses and demands that we work through them. This level of integrity creates a new depth to our practice that transfers to all skillsets we pursue. Balance is, as always, the name of the game – just like we must train both sides of our body equally, so must we train both types of motions to expand our range evenly.

The Mexican Wheel

When a Mexican handstand marries a wheel kick-over… A potent combination indeed. To create such a sequence successfully, many pieces play a part… As I’ve said countless times and must continue to repeat, trust is the foundation here.

Once this is established, precise timing coupled with synchronized flow will deliver the desired results. It’s always a pleasure to challenge ourselves by taking the familiar and adding in new elements. Keeping the mind and body fresh is good for the spirit.


Creation is defined as an action or process of bringing something into existence, it is a science as much as it is an art form, alchemy in its purest form, from nothing we create something beautifully meaningful, that lasts for just a split second and echoes out internally.


Utility is important, but equally valid is aesthetic. We can’t deny the beauty of these physical practices – and AcroYoga is no exception. When we find symmetry in a flow, we strike a chord that any eyes can appreciate.

It’s not always the flashy moves that show the most innovation – we love to play with the subtle variations on classic transitions and postures. A slight adjustment to an entry or exit can make an old flow feel new. We are always chasing fluidity in our practice – and we will keep playing until we acheive it.


We don’t need to reinvent the wheel to keep things fresh. We can rewind, set up for the same sequence but integrate new entries and elements. Getting a different perspective on postures will open up whole new worlds we didn’t know were possible until we entered them. Just like in life, there may not be a “rewind” button, so to speak, but there is always the opportunity to reset and apply oneself again. In fact, this is the only way we evolve. To learn lessons through experience and integrate them moving forward.


It was great fun to get back to the circus today, our home away from home. We love the collaborative nature of open gym spaces, where we can come together and share what we’ve been learning and working on. Today we had a blast with rolling, flipping, & catching. Adding in a quick tempo and necessary synchronization raised a nice level of challenge for us. Looking forward to more circus playtime soon! As always, thankful to have such a beautiful community here in Vancouver that is full of people so devoted to their craft. It keeps the inspiration alive and spreading.


As with any equation, there is a necessary level of balance between all components in order to create success in a sequence. The right ratio of pressure will give you control over the components. The right dose of focus gives you the necessary stability to move through a complex sequence. And of course, at the foundation, a solid partnership gives you connection, in & out of the training context.

Our physical practice gives us a visceral insight into where we need to focus more of our attention into this equation to create the needed balance. If off-balance or out of integrity in any area, it will show, quickly and clearly. This allows us to be honest with ourselves, to adapt in real time, and to find fluidity through experimentation.


Another great day playing with friends in the beautiful Hive Yoga studio here in stunning Vancouver. What a fascinating time it is to be alive, with so many manifestations of magic available to us via technology.

We tried our hand with some fun video editing and this is the result. Rewind, repeat. Loving the subtle variations available in the transitions too. Special thanks to Millissa for always bringing a great energy.