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Over the 10 days together we plan share with you the structure that we ourselves use, to help you create the confidence and skills needed to teach from a place of creativity and natural play. As humans we learn the most rapidly when we are in an positive environment where we have successful edges to challenge. This feeling of success and achievement with time naturally unlocks our creative sides. We have developed exercises to help draw out our students unique approach and style. “Teach what you practice” we expect this of our students. So we choose to expose you to many different styles that we practice to help you see the range of possibilities that this practice has to offer. Want to create a stronger practice? We will be spending good time working the foundations to create the freedom to fly high safely. Our level one TT will give you a small taste of the possibilities that this practice has to offer. It will also through direct experience teach you how a regular focused practice can really unlock your potential as a practitioner.


This is a stunning county of great contrasts, with two beautiful coastlines, two National Parks and five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  For beaches, Devon can’t be beaten. Sandy family-friendly beaches, tiny pebbled coves, wild and windswept bays with stunning views – they have them all, both north and south. And glorious green countryside? they’ve got it in abundance, plus rolling hills, bountiful farmland. Friendly towns and pretty villages, lined with the pastel-coloured cottages of paintings. Plus, the food scene here is second to none, with cosy foodie pubs, great restaurants, traditional tearooms and everything in-between serving fantastic.

Devon is the perfect Traincation for you, there’s so much to do and so much to see in this beautiful county, join us for another amazing adventure.

(Our UK training will not include accommodations. Air BnB is a very valuable resource for affordable housing. Get to know your fellow students and sharing a space together is another great option, closer to the date we will connect everyone via a facebook group so setting up housing and connecting will be much easier.)

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Partner Special

Our Partner Special is for those of you who are coming with an Acro partner or someone you are going to take the Teacher Training with, this will give you a $300 dollar dicount for each person and a $600 together. This is our effort to make the program more accessible to more people, there is no payment plan for this option because of the big discount, so please make 1 payment for 2 people, You can also submit your pre-requisites before the full payment is made, in order to get acceptance to the program.

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Full Tuition

The full program tuition for the UK AYTT is $1850 CAD. Make a one-time payment and this will cover the cost of your training and instructional materials. This payment is half of the necessary materials for entry into the May program. The other portion is your pre-requisites. Once both full tuition and pre-requisites are submitted, you will be contacted about your acceptance into the July program. Payment is refundable up to 30 days prior to program’s start. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Partial Deposit

Partial tuition payment can be made in the amount of $925 CAD. This is half of the full tuition price. Two submissions of “Partial Payment” option can be made at separate times to make the program more accessible. Meanwhile, you can increase your chances of acceptance into the program by submitting your pre-requisites for approval into the program. Payment is refundable up to 30 days prior to program’s start. Once you have made this payment you will be half way there.

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