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The global AcroYoga community keeps growing. It is more than just a network of training acquaintances. The AcroYoga community is an international family. Below, you will find all of the individuals that have taken our Teacher Training and become a part of that family.


VanCityAcro Graduates

Is AcroYoga
Your Passion?

Is AcroYoga your passion, as it is ours? Sometimes when life gets busy, we can let the things that are most important to us, fall to the wayside. We are here to provide opportunities for you to keep that passion alive. Whether with 5 minutes at home on our online program, or a Teacher Training. Take time to nurture seeds of inspiration and see what can grow.

Do You Want
Travel & Teach?

Are you curious about living a more nomadic lifestyle? Or perhaps you’re happily rooted somewhere, but could use a quick getaway. Maybe you’re interested to try teaching out, maybe you know it’s for you. Wherever you’re at, these immersive experiences provide insight into tangible next steps and necessary action items, focal points, and skill acquisitions.

Then What Are
You Waiting For?

If you’re intrigued by the prospect, listen to that voice that says there is something here for you. We strive to make these programs accessible and affordable for as many people as possible. This makes it so that you can take this program whether it’s to progress your personal practice, hone teaching skills, or some combination of the two. Take the leap and see what happens!