New Years AcroYoga Retreat 2018
Chiang Mai- Thailand


December 27-January 2-2018
Kaomai Lanna Resort & Hotel

After an incredible time together last year, we will converge again in Thailand for another week-long AcroYoga Retreat! This time, join Devon/Millissa/Slava of VanCityAcro for 7 days of rigorous, growth-inducing, & playful training with a community of curious movers from around the globe. We will go to our edges in our time together, really progressing as practitioners in a safe, community-centred space, all while being sure to temper the hard work with plenty of play!

This weeklong AcroYoga retreat will feature over 40 hours of instruction in AcroYoga, Standing Acrobatics, Yoga, Handstands, Flexibility Training, and Thai Massage that will diversify your toolbelt and give you many resources to bring home to your community. The techniques explored in our time together will deepen your personal practice, and get you more confident in transferring this knowledge to those that you train with, in whatever capacities that looks like.

The content we will cover will best cater to someone with an established AcroYoga/Yoga practice in order to keep pace with the full week of programming. Options will be available for more advanced practitioners.


& Exploring

It’s a simultaneously “big” and “small” world. There is so much to see, explore, & experience out there beyond our immediate surroundings. Yet the more we explore, often the more we realize how interconnected all of these communities and subcultures are becoming. Expand your perspective, horizons, and network.


Connect To
Your Tribe

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”! It’s important to find balance in our interpersonal relationships. It stimulates us to engage with a variety of perspective and lifestyles in our peers. It is also stimulating to be surrounded by those with parallel priorities. Find your tribe to share such expansive experiences with!


In Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do. When you invest in your own personal development, your skill sets, and your creative capacity, you invest in community simultaneously. The more you grow, the more you know, the better an asset you are wherever you go!

Lets Vacation The Right Way