Visit Our Beautiful City

Join us in our hometown of beautiful Vancouver, BC to immerse in this 10-day program. Enjoy all of the amenities of an urban environment without the hustle & bustle of larger cities. Vancouver’s vibe caters perfectly to travelers, yogis, & creatives alike. Soak up the cultural experience, with all of beautiful BC just a quick car ride away.

In the city, you’ll find countless foodie destinations, yoga studios and high-quality cafes on every corner, beaches and parks aplenty! Scoot just a quick 30 minutes to 4 hours out of the city and you’ll find old-growth rainforest, islands, hikes, hot springs, & more of the incredible natural beauty that British Columbia is world-renowned for. We recommend padding your trip to make some mini-trips while you’re around the area. You haven’t experienced anything like it until you’ve seen it for yourself!

Address of the training facility is 316 W 5th Ave, The Beaumont Studios

(Our Vancouver teacher training does not include meal or accommodations. Some options our past students have used are Air BnB shared with other students in your training. Some students also reach out to Acroyoga Vancouver community through Facebook to find a place to stay. Our community is very welcoming so introduce yourself and get to know our tribe.) 

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Full Tuition

The full program tuition for the Vancouver AYTT is $1250 CAD. Make a one-time payment and this will cover the cost of your training and instructional materials. This payment is half of the necessary materials for entry into the program. The other portion is your pre-requisites. Once both full tuition and pre-requisites are submitted, you will be contacted about your acceptance into the February program. And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. All payments are fully refundable.

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Partial Deposit

Partial tuition payment can be made in the amount of $625 CAD. This is half of the full tuition price. Two submissions of “Partial Payment” option can be made at separate times to make the program more accessible. Meanwhile, you can increase your chances of acceptance into the program by submitting your pre-requisites for approval into the program. Payment is refundable up to 30 days prior to program’s start. Once you have made this payment you will be half way there. All payments are fully refundable.

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Payment Plan

Our final Payment Plan option is to pay in thirds for the program. Each Payment Plan section would be $415 CAD. You can submit each third in its own time, as long as all payments are made within up to 2 weeks prior to the program start date. This is our effort to make the program more accessible to more people. You can also submit your pre-requisites before the full payment is made, in order to get acceptance to the program. The final step will be to submit all 3 payments in the plan. All payments are fully refundable.

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