Slava Goloubov

Slava Goloubov has been practicing AcroYoga for 8 years, in addition to countless other disciplines including Hand-to-Hand and Circus Arts, Martial Arts, Yoga, and more. Slava has devoted himself wholeheartedly to pursuing the path of movement exploration. He teaches full-time around the city of Vancouver out of local gyms, studios, & his own private studio. Slava has taught thousands of students internationally in his classes, private training sessions, retreats, & teacher trainings.

Aside from co-owning and operating VanCityAcro as a business and university, Slava runs his own self-titled brand, keeping him in movement full-time. When he is not teaching his students, he is investing in his own personal development and skill acquisition to be sure to bring the most cutting-edge information, techniques, & innovations back to his classes.


As it’s Co-Founder, Devon French has been with VanCityAcro since its inception 8 years ago. Devon is also a certified personal trainer, & Hatha Yoga teacher, though he has always made AcroYoga a priority above his countless other disciplines of study and delivery. Much like Slava, Devon has trained in myriad movement modalities, including ballet, circus, martial arts, & dance. This integrative approach is one of the reasons that Slava and Devon work so well together.

Devon’s role as a father to his son Dash also informs his understanding of the value of community, and of creating a “safe space” for individuals to gather, grow, and explore themselves and their connections. Devon’s warmth and approachability, coupled with his years of experience, makes him a highly sought-after teacher by many in the local Vancouver community.


Millissa has been loving, living and thriving in the AcroYoga world since 2011, where she has finally found a place that feels like home. She got hooked, like many, through the grace, beauty and ease of flying. Yet, over the years, has developed a deeper and fuller love of Acro and now bases and flies with parallel strength and excitement. Millissa has completed both AcroYoga.org and AcroYoga Montreal teacher trainings, as well as Acroversity 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Her love of Acro is rooted in the self expression and the creativity it fosters in all AcroYogis, from beginner to advanced. For Millissa, the cherry on top is the strength and delicacy required in this beautiful and creative practice. Always a student, Millissa continues to study and integrate her AcroYoga knowledge to form her own personal style, fusing creative expression with refinement of technique. Take the leap! You never know what you might discover.


Devon and Slava met at Prana College while completing their Yoga Teacher Training (YTT.) They stumbled upon AcroYoga in their time together there. At the time, it was hardly known and practiced even less locally. The two friends spent countless hours laughing, playing, (falling!) – and little did they know what was to come of all of that time. The rest, is history, as they say. Reflecting upon the evolution of VanCityAcro professionally, and ourselves personally, over the last five years has been deeply insightful. So much time has passed, and yet it feels like the blink of an eye. Because this practice has been very much “play” rather than “work”, even though that’s exactly what it has demanded – practice, and what many would consider hard work – we have had nothing but fun the whole way. This has shown us what is possible when you enjoy the journey – when the process is just as important as the progress.

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